Monday, February 28, 2011

Liar!! Bad Mommy Moment

I was upstairs today playing with the younger two while my oldest is in school and was remembering a moment that happened in december 2008 when my oldest wasn't quite 3 and my middle child was only about 6 months old. One of the many "oops bad mamma moments!"

I was ironing (one of those things that i used to do when i had 2 kids but don't do anymore now that i have 3!) N. was playing lego by my feet and S. was propped up on the couch with toys. N. doesn't even look up and says "mommy S.'s pants fell down". I look over at S sitting happy as a lark with pants.

I sigh- we're struggling with the truth sometimes.

I say " N. are you sure S.'s pants fell down? Maybe it was ona's (her imaginary big sister)?" (trying to give her an "out")

"no mom- S.'s pants fell down" giggle giggle (still not looking up from her lego)

"N. are you telling mommy a story that is not true?"


"N.- i want you to go and look at your sister- is she wearing pants?"

"yep she is"

"then how come you are telling mommy that her pants fell down?" (now in a stern i'm not impressed voice)

N. looks up at me- grabs the pair of S.'s pants that i just ironed that had fallen from the chair to the floor and says "mom- S.'s pants fell down".

Embarassed Embarassed Embarassed

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