Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Sicky Baby Guilt!!!

I'm whispering because I have a sleeping one year old in bed with me.

I don't regularly share my bed - but tonight she's sick. She has a cold and is all congested and snotty. For some reason she sleeps better in mammas bed so that is where she will stay!

Today she couldn't nap well in her crib so i brought her downstairs and snuggled her on the reclining chair for 45 min while i was able to do some staring, snuggling,baby head sniffing and some reading too.

There is nothing worse than a sick baby- but nothing better than a snuggly baby with a small cold. What a bad mamma I am for even thinking that!!

When you are not too worried about her overall health and well being- I think i'm always at least a little worried.

When a sicky baby is the perfect excuse to cuddle and when they get older- watch movies and eat Jell-O (I feel as a self respecting woman I can only enjoy Jell-O when made "for the kids" or made as alcoholic shooters!) . A sicky baby (as opposed to an actually sick baby) is the perfect excuse not to do domestic chores, go into work and not to make supper and just spend the day snuggling, reading and falling in love with them all over again!

Why does it take an illness to make us stop and just enjoy the little things in life?

I'm torn sometimes- between trying to be productive and to just enjoy being.

I know that if I behaved the same on a normal day as I did when my kids are sick then we'd eventually be buried alive in the laundry and never eat anything with vegetables. No chores would get done. Violin wouldn't get practiced. Things would quite simply go to pot. But for today and likely for tomorrow based on how tonight is going- I'm determined to enjoy it!

What is your favorite part of having a snuggly sicky child?

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