Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Children Are Too Smart!

I have started my journey of homeschooling although truth be told we're rarely home and rarely schooling by any definition you might expect. When we are home I try to find a balance between technology and what I call "real life" but as many mammas I even struggle personally with this concept.

My children all do "homework " on the computer and my oldest at 6 years old has started an online typing class. So the other day when she wanted me to print out a computer keyboard for her to practise i didn't think much of it -she glued it on cardboard and made her own computer with 4 sections on the screen, camp (an online mommy group), facebook, yahoo and reading eggs (one of the greatest children's learn to read online programs)

I realized i obviously spend too much time on the computer in front of them. So my husband and I talked and decided I would set a 30 min limit (in front of them) and then they would see me use it in moderation.

The next morning - proud of the idea of setting a limit for them as well as for me I announced excitedly "we have a 30 min computer rule now in our house" when my oldest woke up and jumped on her "computer".

She paused- looked up and said- " do you mean i am only allowed to look at this piece of CARDBOARD for 30 mins a day- are you serious?"

And i had to laugh- and then say um....i guess so.?!

How do you manage the computer time in your house for the kids? For yourself?

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