Friday, July 19, 2013

Super Excited - Games For Language (AKA maybe my kids will learn German in spite of us)

My children *should* be bilingual. My husband is German and his family live in Germany. He moved to Canada so we could be together. A more romantic love story I've never heard. I imagined I would quickly pick up the language and we would raise bilingual- no multilingual children who would one day follow our love of travel all over the world. Sadly i was mistaken - even though we go to Germany at least every second year- my children somehow are NOT multilingual. They are not even bilingual - I feel like we've failed them. So I have purchased German books, dvds and cds. I have done German language programs one after the other and somehow it just doesn't click. If I'm honest- I lack the consistency required for language learning.

I was asked to do a review for Games for Language. I have to admit i wasn't even a little bit hopeful. It started out so slowly- I was sure my daughter wouldn't keep with it- but i was wrong!! This is so exciting. They started off so slowly- building confidence, teaching how the different games worked and now my daughter (age 7 but a strong reader) is hooked! Since this is something she can do on her own for 10 min a day i am now wondering- could this be it?


And i'm learning too- you can repeat a lesson as often as you wish so we're both doing them- she does them first and then later i do them as well.

I love online subscriptions- it means no curriculum taking up space- it means we're super flexible- even if we're on vacation and need some quiet time we can log in and continue and it is usually reasonably priced so you can start a program and see what you think before committing.

Try the demo here

BUT the most exciting part? is on SALE RIGHT NOW- so today try the demo- fall in love and then tomorrow it is on sale - HERE - you can purchase a 6 month or 12 month subscription for up to 43% off a great deal!!

French- German- Italian and Spanish are all offered!

I was given a sample in order to try and post about it on this blog- but the opinions stated are my own. I have included my referral links as well and appreciate your support. Have a blessed day.

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  1. Thank you for your review. We know that raising bilingual children in a foreign country is difficult. As both my wife and I spoke German at home, our two sons were quite bilingual their first five to six years until English took over more and more. And while they still understand German, they will only speak it when they must e.g. with German visitors.
    And now we try to teach German to our grandsons and have also found that our Gamesforlanguage program is a great way to keep them interested and motivated, especially when we let them use the iPad!